Philips Compact Cassette

Here no loose reels are used, but a small cassette which contains the tape.
Operation is particularly simple. Mount the cassette, press the button ... ready for recording or playing.
The Philips compact cassette system is a great success and became a world standard.
It has  replaced the tape recorder with loose reels.

1961 start development of a compact battery-recorder with a cassette system at Philips Hasselt under the guidance of ir. L. Ottens.

1963 introduction of a small cassette recorder:
- 30 Aug. on the Funkausstellung in Berlin
- 13 Sept. on the Firato in Amsterdam

It was to become a world standard, no licence fee was charged.

1966 pre-recorded compact cassette tapes (Musicassettes) in stereo came on the market.


1966 the cassette recorder is built in a portable radio.
1968 the cassette recorder is built in the car radio.

1971 Cassette recorders with chromium dioxide tape and special heads to comply with HiFi demands.  In 1973 Philips brought out their first HiFi/stereo-cassette recorder.

1988 the compact cassette had existed 25 years. 3 billion approximately sold world wide.

1992 - 1996 Digital Compact Cassette  (DCC).  
Audio information will be digitally recorded to enable to reproduce CD quality. It remains possible to play the normal analogue audio cassette.

First cassette recorder with remote control on the microphone. Type EL3300. 1963.

Cassette 1963

First cassette. Type EL1903. 1963.

The tape is only 3.15 mm wide (half as wide as the normal audio tape) and housed in a cassette. Plays successively the two tracks recorded. The playing time is up to 2 x 30 min. Tape speed is 4.75 cm per second.

1966. First Philips portable radio with build in cassette recorder. Type 22RL962. RL962
RN582 1968. First Philips car radio with build in cassette player. Type RN582.

LFH0086. Mini-Cassetteplayer. 1968.
1967, Philips introduced the mini-cassette for use in dictaphones. Only suitable for speech. Later also used as data cassette in the Philips home-computer P2000.

N2401 N2401. Cassette Changer. 1970.
Cassette Changer for 6 cassettes.

Spring 1973. HiFi/stereo-cassete recorder-deck N2510.
With the chromium dioxide HiFi-cassette the  compact cassette system will produce HiFi/stereo sound quality .

N2510 N2521. 1977.
Topclass. Remarkable vertical design.
Suitable for Ferro, Chromium en Ferro-Chrome cassettes. DNL and Dolby noise reduction
N5758. 1979.
Introduction of the Metal Cassette.



D6621 Skyway. 1983.
Portable cassette player.
Listen to the music with earphones.

Moving Sound. 1987.
Portable cassette devices with special design.
Moving sound
DCC900 1992. DCC-900. First DCC recorder.
Part of the famous digital Philips 900 Series.

front cassette